<strong style="font-size: 40px; align: center">HopShack</strong> sip, enjoy, discover.

We started this application May 1, 2014, in New Orleans, Louisiana with hopes to learn a little more about craft beer and share our experience along the way.  We want to create an app that will empower the user with a massive amount of craft beer knowledge, but at the same time will be easy to use even after some in-depth  research at the local watering hole.

HopShack’s database will offer users the ability to access current, comprehensive, and user-enriched information on almost any beer they encounter.  It will also offer a unique way to discover new beers and to learn more about their intricate flavors and aromas.  We hope to work with local chefs, sommeliers, and cicerones to find interesting ways of pairing beers with cuisine.

As opposed to offering a cluttered application with excessive features, we believe in communicating only the essential.  After all, enjoying a beer ought to be just that—enjoyable.